References from Clients and Candidates

Dear Monika, your commitment and professionalism translated directly into the result. Thank you for the ongoing follow-up to the process and the insightful feedback after meetings with the candidates. They allowed us to choose a great candidate.

Client, a global consulting firm

I am deeply impressed with your speech, professionalism, logic of expression, and friendliness. My sincere thanks!

A senior partner of a Polish law firm about a conference speech

Ms. Pacocha is involved in the recruitment process not in 100%, but in 300%, keeps in touch with the candidate, provides valuable tips and advice related to the conducted process […] She is a true-born recruiter – in a good sense – which allows the candidate to feel equal, necessary, and worthy of attention, and not as another “applicant” for the position that “X” people are already waiting.

Candidate, real estate

Practical consultations based on international experience – outstanding support for anyone, who is planning further steps in their career!

Candidate, individual consultations

Monika, thank you once again for a fruitful meeting and all valuable remarks.

Candidate, individual consultations

I wholeheartedly recommend Monika’s recruitment services. Her knowledge, effectiveness and diligence allowed us to build a very fruitful relationship. Monika has an amazing instinct and extensive knowledge, which allow her to select the candidate for a specific position in a given company. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation.

Candidate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Dear Monika, thank you very much for an effective and constructive meeting.

Candidate, individual consultations

Thanks to Monika’s practical tips, I improved my application documents with ease. Her openness and the information obtained enabled me to stay motivated and start looking for a new job.

Candidate, individual consultations

Cooperation with you is a pure pleasure and professionalism.

Candidate, Litigation

Thank you very much! […] If anyone has similar problems to mine, I will recommend you.

Candidate, individual consultations

Thank you once again for your support during the recruitment process. Whenever we will be looking for an employee in [name of the law firm], I will recommend you.

Candidate, IP/TMT

Monika is a professional in every sense of the word. The recruitment process in which I took part was conducted in an atmosphere of trust and full transparency. She perfectly understands candidate’s expectations and provides support at every stage of the process. She is responsive, dynamic and, above all, effective. I recommend her without any reservation to any lawyer, who is thinking about change.

Candidate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Dear Monika, thank you once again for a really valuable meeting.

Candidate, individual consultations

Dear Monika, thank you! […] I really enjoyed the way in which you rendered your services and the direct contact we had.

Candidate, Banking & Finance

Your active listening, knowledge of the industry and the ability to focus on the merits of the issue – brighten even the most complicated professional situations. A consultation with you is a very good investment in the future […].

Candidate, individual consultations

I want to move from public administration to business in the near future. I know that civil service and business are two different worlds. Monika indicated elements to which I should pay attention in order to increase my chances of success. In addition, she analysed my CV – she looked at it with the eye of an experienced headhunter. […] In my opinion it is worth eliminating the risk resulting from the lack of information about the potential employers’ and clients’ needs and expectations. Thus, I wholeheartedly recommend individual consultations to lawyers who want to consciously plan their careers and pursue their professional goals.

Candidate, individual consultations

Monika, thank you for today’s meeting. Talking with you gave me a new perspective on many issues.

Candidate, individual consultations

It was a pleasure to meet you. Our conversation gave me a lot of food for thought – and I do not write all of this out of courtesy. I really enjoy meeting people who are professionals in their field and know what they are talking about. I took your advice to heart.

Candidate, individual consultations


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