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What I Offer and How I Work

HR Consulting Services

I observe the increase in the scale and scope of my clients’ businesses with great satisfaction. Organisational development results in the necessity to adjust the way of operation to new conditions. I support my clients in meeting these challenges. Pacocha Legal Recruitment services include:

  • preparation of legal salary guides for law firms, with an overview of current trends
  • advisory on salary scales
  • support in developing a long-term business strategy for a specific practice and/or business
  • advice on expanding existing practices and creating new ones
  • providing help in organising the team

A thorough examination of the client’s needs enables me to propose effective solutions that take into account the realities of a particular business.

Salary Reports

Clients are increasingly asking me for lawyer salary reports. I prepare such reports based on my knowledge of the legal sector and numerous conversations with lawyers.

A report consists of tables presenting salary ranges within selected specialisations, along with an overview of the current market trends.

Typically, data on remuneration is grouped in accordance with four criteria:

  • law firms’ sizes
  • their character (local or international)
  • specialisations (e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Energy, Litigation & Arbitration, Intellectual Property & New Technologies Law)
  • seniority levels

Of course, the report does not contain the names of any law firms.

Additional information on the report:

  • the salary ranges are provided on the basis of B2B contracts
  • the report may encompass one, a few, or a wide range of specialisations
  • the report contains an explanation of the differences in the nomenclature of seniority levels in the legal services market in Poland

Individual Consultations

More and more lawyers decide to have an individual consultation on planning and building a professional career. The most common topics include:

  • promotion to a higher position at the current company
  • job changes, including transition from a law firm to an in-house position and vice versa
  • determining one’s financial expectations
  • change of an originally chosen practice
  • continuing one’s career abroad
  • PhD and postgraduate studies (including LL.M.)
  • overcoming any professional difficulties, such as job loss or interruptions in employment

Each situation requires a personalised approach. I prefer face-to-face meetings. It is also possible to conduct an online consultation.

In the course of an individual consultation I:

  • help the lawyer to identify strengths and areas of improvement
  • support the lawyer in defining key motivators
  • help in the professional preparation of application documents (CV, cover letter)
  • provide consultations regarding specific job offers
  • prepare the lawyer for interviews
  • help the lawyer to relieve stress resulting from a career change
  • provide reliable information on the legal services market and opportunities for further professional development

During the consultation I adopt methods used in career counselling and coaching.

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